Families Outside is an independent charity which has been helping prisoners’ families in Scotland for over 20 years. We offer support and information to families affected by imprisonment.

More children in Scotland each year experience a parent’s imprisonment than a parent’s divorce.

“My son and his father had no contact for 6 months… I was scared to build up a bond again between them as I knew he would be going to prison again.”

The family is not guilty; anyone can have a family member go to prison.

“My family and friends don’t agree with me standing by my partner, therefore I don’t have any support.”

Imprisonment affects more than the prisoner.

“My family has been torn apart, my wife and I have separated, my daughter and her family’s relationship with myself is very strained, and her relationship with her mother is over.”

We can help.

“When my husband was in Edinburgh, I was told about Families Outside who guided me through some issues I was having with the prison and listened to me when I needed someone to talk things through with.”

Our Purpose

Families Outside works to improve outcomes for children and families affected by imprisonment.

Imprisonment is a traumatic experience for families, and its impact is often significant and enduring. We provide help, advice & support for families of prisoners; assisting families with someone in prison through our Support & Information Helpline as well as through direct one-to-one support. We also inform the development of policy and practice, through our-long standing relationships with prisons, government bodies and other charities.

Relative in Prison?

We can help. We provide confidential support and advice through our helpline for prisoners’ families, the Support & Information Helpline. We also have a FAQs & Jargon page which will answer the most commonly asked questions which arise when a family member is imprisoned.

Effects of imprisonment on an prisoner’s family

Learn more about the experiences of other families who have been through the same thing and how we helped them cope with a family member in prison.

Survey Monkey

Family Member Feedback: Are you a family member who’s received support from Families Outside?  We’d love to hear your feedback via our quick survey: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/58RP289

Professionals’ Feedback: Have you accessed our resources or worked alongside us in a professional capacity? Your feedback on our service is most welcome via our short survey: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/BT3R893

More about our organisation…

Find out more about Families Outside, our charitable status, and the work we do to alleviate the distress of families with a family member in prison.