Housing issues – a good news story…

Families Outside has been working with a client from North Strathclyde.  The client was in the process of moving from her private let flat into her partner’s housing association flat as she was heavily pregnant with his child.  Before she could sign the joint tenancy agreement he was arrested. 

The client’s partner has now received a custodial sentence which meant losing his tenancy.  As a result of engaging with the local housing association and the client’s partner, the client has managed to secure the tenancy for herself and will therefore not be made homeless.

As her previous accommodation was a fully furnished private let and her partner had only recently moved into his flat they had very few large household items to furnish the property.

Families Outside has now successfully supported our client in applying for funding from The Michael & Shirley Hunt Charitable Trust, funds which were used to purchase a new washing machine and cooker.


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