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Waitrose – Community Matters

Each month every Waitrose branch donates £1,000 between three local good causes chosen by the public. At the checkout, customers receive a token and are asked to place this in the box of the good cause they would most like to support.  The more tokens a cause gets, the bigger the donation they receive.  At […]


HMP Dumfries Family Day

The recent good weather has reminded us here at Families Outside of a Family Day held on 18 May outdoors at HMP Dumfries when the weather was more macs and wellies than shorts and t-shirts.  Regardless of this slight setback, Dumfries swam on through what turned out to be a fabulous and enjoyable family day […]


HMP Addiewell Family Fun Day

On Saturday 13th July HMP Addiewell had a Family Fun Day for prisoners and families, many of whom attend the prison’s “Family Bonding Visits”.  The day could not have been more perfect; the sun was shining, the skies were bright blue and for this day, all was right with the world.  The event was expertly […]


Embracing Technology on the Inside

“I wish I could call my dad whenever I have something I want to tell him; instead, I have to wait ‘til he calls me, and that’s really hard.” Sally’s dad is in prison, and she expressed these thoughts about contact with her father during a session with her Person Shaped Support (PSS) worker.  PSS […]


The Hardest of Journeys

I took a call on the Families Outside Helpline last week from a man planning to visit his newly sentenced fiancée in prison to tell her that her mother had died that morning. Understandably, he wanted to tell her face to face that same day and, having managed to make the necessary arrangements with the […]


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