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Prisoners Week – The Hope Within 2017

Prisoners’ Week is a churches’ initiative that aims to celebrate and raise awareness of the work in Scotland to support prisoners and their families. This year, the theme has been Hope Within and throughout the week the National Prison Visitors Centre Steering Group has encouraged family members and friends who visit people in prison to […]


Families Outside – supporting families affected by imprisonment

When an individual is arrested, found guilty and sent to prison society breathes a sigh of relief – the perpetrator is being punished and the people are being protected. But what about the families that are being left behind? The parents, partners, siblings and, perhaps most importantly, the 27,000 children in Scotland who have a […]


The importance of schools being aware and sensitive without discriminating further

As a relatively inexperienced primary teacher, I recall the behaviour of a boy in my class changing. Periods of withdrawal would be interspersed with outbursts. It was clear something had changed, something was wrong. On discussing with a senior colleague, I learnt that his brother had recently been sent to prison. Looking back, I know […]


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