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Embracing Technology on the Inside

“I wish I could call my dad whenever I have something I want to tell him; instead, I have to wait ‘til he calls me, and that’s really hard.” Sally’s dad is in prison, and she expressed these thoughts about contact with her father during a session with her Person Shaped Support (PSS) worker.  PSS […]


The Hardest of Journeys

I took a call on the Families Outside Helpline last week from a man planning to visit his newly sentenced fiancée in prison to tell her that her mother had died that morning. Understandably, he wanted to tell her face to face that same day and, having managed to make the necessary arrangements with the […]


Sarah Roberts Blog – Winston Churchill Travel Fellowship

Guidance teacher Sarah Roberts is currently undertaking a Winston Churchill Travel Fellowship in Australia and America looking at the role of schools in supported families affected by imprisonment. On her return, Sarah will write a report for Families Outside with recommendations for the development of practice in Scotland. Here is some excerpt from Sarah’s blog: Shining […]


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