‘Catscape’ Reading Activity Challenge

Families Outside are really excited to be partnering with Scottish author Mike Nicholson who wrote our My Diary booklet, to share the exciting resource and activity for his prize-winning novel ‘Catscape’ with children affected by imprisonment.

Sharing his love of reading and literacy learning Mike Nicholson partnered with Lasswade Primary School to read his book in EXCLUSIVE recordings to inspire young people aged 8 – 12 years, even while practising distance learning!

About Catscape:

Fergus can’t believe it when his brand-new digital watch starts going backwards. Then he crashes (literally) into gadget-loving Murdo and a second mystery comes to light: cats are going missing all over the neighbourhood. This book was the winner of the Kelpies Prize. Sharply and wittily observed, it’s a story of unlikely friendships, unexpected allies and cat surveillance.

Families Outside will be providing a copy of the book to each young person supported by us who wants to take part in the ‘Reading Activity Challenge.’

Each week we are setting the challenge for young people to read two chapters from the website, along with activities linked to the activity. We are providing a table for them to tick off their reading and activities as they go and would like all entries to be sent to us by Friday 31st July 2020.

At the end of the challenge Mike Nicholson will sign a certificate for each young person who completed all 15 chapters and activities. Families Outside will provide the first 3 young people who complete the challenge with a copy of Mike Nicholson’s book ‘Museum Mystery Squad and the Case of the Curious Coins.’

To Take Part in the Reading Activity Challenge visit the Catscape Novel Study website

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