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“I never felt so lost, alone and completely isolated in my life. I found myself totally immersed in despair. Only someone who has been their can really understand what it’s like. I hope by telling my story I can help others know that they are not alone and that someday things will get better”

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Telling your story

Telling your story and sharing your experience of how imprisonment can impact on families is one of the most powerful ways of raising awareness with policy-makers, the media, other practitioners and the general public. If you would like your story published on our website please contact us at support@familiesoutside.org.uk.

We occasionally get requests from the media for families to discuss and share their experience. If you are interested in speaking to the media, or if you would like to be kept informed about any media request, please join the Families Outside mailing list. If you have been approached by the media or you are thinking about selling your story we can also offer support via our Support and Information Helpline.



Prisons: where does the community come in?

An extract of the lecture by Prof Nancy Loucks, Chief Executive of Families Outside, at the Perrie Lectures in 2012.

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The Invisible Victims

A conference exploring the impact of parental imprisonment on children and their families.

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Fireside Chat

Four past and present HM Inspectors of Prisons for Scotland were in attendance to discuss the change in the focus on support for families affected by imprisonment over the last three decades.

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