Listen … to the voices of families affected by imprisonment

Families and The Media

One of our own Family Support Coordinator’s talks to a family member about her experience with the media and the impact this had on the lives of herself and her family.


“The media…don’t care about the affect it has on you, the person who’s actually in trouble and their family.  They they get the worst effects of the media because they just want to make a story they don’t care about the actual truth.”

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Step by Step

The voices of three family members voices telling of their experience during arrest, court and release & resettlement.


“Neighbours saw police in and out of my house that particular morning and every single part of my life was then a challenge after that.”

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“My sister was taking away to serve a life sentence and not once did anyone ask about the children.”

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Release & Re-settlement

“I just came out, was released and that was me, no help whatsoever.”

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Playing Our Part

Reflections on the experience of having a substance misusing member of the family go to prison.

“She’s been in there for a year…The girl that speaks to me on the phone now seems to be the daughter I lost 5 years ago.”

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Adjusting, adjusting, readjusting

The voices of families talking about their journey through the experience of having relative in prison.

“I would like it if my husband could spend more quality time with his son. His actions shouldn’t punish the rest of the family. I just don’t think it’s right that an innocent child should have to pay.”

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