A Mum’s Story

John (14) was having difficulties at school with poor concentration and behaviour. Dad has been in prison all of John’s life, however John wasn’t aware of his offence, and he wanted to know more. John had a strong relationship with his Mum, but the anxiety and anger of not knowing why his Dad was in prison was causing difficulties in their relationship. Mum wanted to tell John, but Dad was determined to be the one to tell him.

Working with his school guidance teacher, Mum, and a Family Contact Officer (FCO) at the prison, our Family Support Coordinator (FSC) organised a special visit. Prior to this, our FSC worked alongside the FCO and the Dad around how he would tell John. Mum and John were also supported by our FSC in preparation for the visit. The special visit was arranged out with visiting times, with prison agreement that Dad could wear civilian clothes.

Post-visit, there was improvement in John’s demeanor and behaviour both at school and at home, which has continued for some months now. John is much happier, and Mum feels like a weight has been lifted off her shoulders, resulting in a marked improvement in their relationship.

“I’m so relieved that he took it so well – it feels like a huge weight has been lifted, and now it’s time to move forward for us all.” Mum

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