Lockdown is affecting mental health

A’s husband is currently serving a long term sentence.

She has been really concerned about the general health care provision for prisoners during this time. Her husband has told her that only urgent health concerns are being looked at, however she feels that not dealing with the smaller issues can lead to bigger problems and also have an impact on mental health.

Her husband has told her that he is only getting 30mins out of his cell, which means that he is sitting worrying and getting irritated by what are deemed minor ailments, but in that intense situation, feel bigger to him.

During these 30mins, he has to wait to make a very short phone call and A feels that she is always left worrying as a result of this. He has also stated that there are no wipes to clean the phone between uses. A is really socially isolated and currently, Families Outside, is her only support.

If you are facing similar issues to A, please contact our Helpline on 0800 254 0088

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