The Financial Impact of Imprisonment on Families

With the research carried out by Donald Dickie, the purpose of his paper is to focus attention on what happens to Scottish families, in financial terms, when a family member is imprisoned. There is a considerable amount of published work on the effects of imprisonment on families, but the majority of the research has explored the health, social and emotional impact on families, especially children. There are to date no published papers about the financial aspect of imprisonment and Scottish families.

The paper looks at literature relevant to financial issues for families and reports on a small scale research project carried out by Families Outside in Scotland in 2012. At a time when the prison population is increasing, when the country is in economic recession, and when major changes to the welfare benefits system are being implemented, it seems particularly appropriate to understand how imprisonment affects families financially.

To view a copy of the report please visits our Research & Publicatiosn section on travel and finance or click on the link below:

The Financial Impact of Imprisonment on Families


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