Friends of Families Outside

As a Friend of Families Outside you would be giving your valued support to our charity work – supporting families affected by imprisonment.  You would also be helping us to maintain the growing profile of Families Outside and raise awareness of the issues that impact families affected by imprisonment.

You can make an actual difference?

When payment for the scheme is made by Friends of Families Outside, the funds received are applied to something tangible, something that allows you to see the good that is being done for families affected by imprisonment….

Emergency Discretionary Fund

Families Outside use an Emergency Discretionary Fund which allows our Family Support Team to support some of Scotland’s most vulnerable families more directly.  We are increasingly aware that there is an rise in the number of situations in which families have an immediate need for basic necessities e.g. food, heating, clothing, bedding, baby supplies etc.  Our Emergency Discretionary Fund helps to alleviate some of these crisis situations and we apply the money received from you, as our Friends, to these vulnerable families.

Case 1
Joan is terminally ill and attending a lot of medical appointments, but she is not eligible for the reimbursement of her travel costs (CAB involvement has confirmed this). In addition, she is paying off debts related to her husband’s imprisonment. Joan is accessing her local food bank, but there is a limit to how many times she can do this per month. Her husband is due to be released very soon and will be able to continue his employment at that point. A £30 supermarket voucher would enable Joan to stock up on essentials and lift the immediate pressure until her husband returns home.

Case 2
Jane lives with her 6 children and suffers from a deteriorating health condition. Her partner is in prison, and Jane cannot work due to her health issues. The Family Support Worker discovered that an oversight had been made with Jane’s benefits, and this will soon be rectified. In the meantime, the Family Support Worker is concerned that the house is always cold when she visits. A £20 electricity card would lift an immediate pressure until Jane’s correct benefits payments come through.

Other entitlements

As Friends of Families Outside you would also be entitled to:

  • Invitations to events organised by Families Outside
  • Reductions on fees for Families Outside events

Still need convinced?

Watch our Reversible Thinking and 27,000 Voices videos below by clicking on each image.  Both videos are only 2 mins long and will give you a better understanding of who you are helping.  

Picture1     Picture2

            Reversible Thinking

 27,000 Voices


If you wish to sign up as a Friend of Families Outside, please follow this link:


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