Give Children a Voice to Share Their Experiences

Give children a voice to share their experiences of parental imprisonment at international conference.

We have recently worked with two sisters, Alice and Eilidh-Jane, whose father was imprisoned when they were 11 & 15 years old.

These sisters have faced numerous challenges – they have been bullied, intimidated and are still facing stigma from their peers and local community.

By providing direct 1:1 support we have helped them to increase their confidence and resilience and they are now both committed to sharing their own story so that others facing the same situation realise that they are not alone.


Your support will allow us to send Eilidh-Jane and Alice to the Children as Actors for Transforming Society (CATS) Conference in Geneva this August.

By helping to fund Eilidh-Jane and Alice’s places at the conference you give them a unique opportunity to meet and connect with young people around the world who have faced similar challenges and allow them to work together to identify potential solutions.

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