The Financial Impact of Imprisonment on Families

With the research carried out by Donald Dickie, the purpose of his paper is to focus attention on what happens to Scottish families, in financial terms, when a family member is imprisoned. There is a considerable amount of published work on the effects of imprisonment on families, but the majority of the research has explored […]


It’s No Holiday – updated and online

Our It’s No Holiday film was created in 2006 to help and support teenagers who may be affected by imprisonment of a family member. About young people’s experiences of having a family member sent to prison, the film is an awareness raising and training resource which can be used with a range of audiences, form […]


COPING Project – Final Report

The Final Report from the COPING project, “Children of Prisoners: Interventions and Services to Strengthen Mental Health” has recently been published. The report represents a milestone which can enhance and strengthen the work of organisations working with the children and families of prisoners. To download a copy of the report, click on the image below: […]


Putting Teachers Behind Bars

32 student teachers went to prison last week – but not because of any crime they had committed. They found themselves inside HMP Edinburgh as part of a new initiative which aims to help teachers (and those in training) explore the impact that the imprisonment of a close relative can have on children and to […]


Alex from Sesame Street

Every so often we read a story that makes us want to high five the world. This is one of them. The makers of Sesame Street have a policy of making all children feel like they’re represented in each of the episodes. And they’re well aware that over 100,000 kids in the area of New […]


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