Training & Awareness Raising

Families Outside provide tools, resources, and training to those individuals and groups across the statutory and voluntary sectors who come into contact with families affected by imprisonment.

From prison staff and teachers to health and social care professionals, our bespoke training sessions increase the awareness of the issues and challenges families face and ensure that they continue to receive the support they need.

Our most popular training courses are described below, but we are always happy to arrange ad hoc talks or bespoke training sessions depending on your needs. For more information, please contact our Training Manager Susan Cross on

Out of the Shadows

Out of the Shadows is an interactive, multi-agency training session that is specifically aimed at professionals who come into contact with families affected by imprisonment. This includes, but is not limited to, social workers, teachers, prison staff, and police officers.
The half-day workshop highlights the experiences and needs of families affected by imprisonment and provides participants with the tools, techniques, and resources to better support them.

By the end of the session, participants should:

  • Understand the policy context of support for prisoners’ families
  • Understand the issues experienced by families when someone goes to prison
  • Understand the particular wellbeing challenges faced by children and young people
  • Recognise the role of stigma as a barrier to families seeking/getting support
  • Gain knowledge of support sources and good practice
  • Have increased confidence in working with families affected by imprisonment

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Teacher CPD

Children with a parent in prison face significant challenges including trauma (making it hard for them to learn) and stigma (which can lead to behaviour problems and bullying). They are more likely to come from families with complex needs and are less likely to meet child wellbeing indicators.

Children in this situation often see their teachers as a trusted adult and, sometimes, the only adult they can openly discuss their feelings with.

To help teachers understand the unique situation that children affected by imprisonment face, Families Outside has created a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Session that gives:

  • A unique opportunity to visit a prison and to see first-hand some of the challenges that children face when they visit a family member
  • An insight into the issues facing children and families who have a close relative in prison; and
  • Practical ways in which teachers and school communities can help families affected by imprisonment.

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