Reading Activity Challenge – the fun for children and young people, and how it all went…

In June/July 2020, as part of our online Group Work & Peer Support, Families Outside partnered with Scottish author, Mike Nicholson, in a ‘Reading Activity Challenge’ around his prize winning novel, ‘Catscape.’ Mike also wrote the Families Outside resource booklet for children affected by imprisonment, ‘My Diary.’

The ‘Reading Activity Challenge’ was offered to children and young people who were receiving support from Families Outside and who had an interest in reading: encouraging them to use their imagination through the whole new world, while developing their reading and learning skills at the same time.

Fifteen children participated in the ‘Reading Activity Challenge’ with each young person receiving a copy of the book ‘Catscape.’ They were also provided with a link to the website where Mike Nicholson read two chapters from the book each week. The website also provided activities and games linked to the ‘Reading Activity Challenge.’

One young person who participated aspires to be an author themselves. They told us that they enjoyed reading ‘Catscape‘ so much they have read it three times!

All the young people who participated in the ‘Reading Activity Challenge’ will receive a signed certificate from Mike Nicholson, and Families Outside have provided the first three young people who completed the challenge with a copy of Mike Nicholson’s book, ‘Museum Mystery Squad & The Case of the Curious Coins.’

Well done to all of the young people who participated, and a huge thanks to the author of ‘Catscape’, Mike Nicholson, for his support and encouragement of our ‘Reading Activity Challenge.’

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