Rendering Them Visible

A review of progress towards increasing awareness and support of prisoners’ families.

Prison populations have drastically increased in many countries over recent years, and as a consequence, so too the number of families and children affected by a relative’s imprisonment.  A literature review carried out 12 years ago identified a vast knowledge vacuum in relation to prisoners’ families in Scotland and, in particular, children.

Since the review, research into the distinct needs of families and children of prisoners has been increasing, and the pressing need for action in this area has been officially recognised.  Yet despite the progress made in terms of raising the profile of offenders’ families in debates around criminal justice, their interests have remained largely peripheral to prison policy and practice.

This paper reviews the more recent literature in this field, including academic research and information from government agencies and interest groups, with a view to identifying developments in knowledge, policy and practice.

The report can be found on our publications page or you can follow this link:

It is hoped that the resulting comprehensive data shall assist ongoing endeavours to increase recognition and participation of prisoners’ families at each stage of the criminal justice process, for the benefit of prisoners, their families, and society as a whole.

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