Rewarding a Job Well Done

Families Outside was delighted to receive the Tayside Community Justice Authority Diversity & Equality Award in recognition of our work with children and families affected by imprisonment. The Tayside CJA Awards Scheme recognises the effort of practitioners across the criminal and community justice sectors in Tayside who deliver consistency, effort, commitment, achievement, and performance throughout the year. The Awards recognise work at all levels which have contributed to delivery of effective outcomes, performance, and good practice, in Tayside.

Awards in 2016 were presented in a number of areas including Interventions; Leadership; Projects; Offender Management; Public Protection; Working in Partnership; Teamwork and for ‘Local Champions’.


We are very pleased with this honour and congratulate our Family Support Coordinator, Laura Scofield, on the recognition of her hard work since coming into post last year. You can see here that Laura was, able to remain a picture of calmness when she collected the award with Family Support Manager (Children & Families), Tim Haines. Go team!


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