Scottish Government figures estimate that 20,000 children each year in Scotland have a parent in prison – twice as many as experience a parent’s divorce.

Research shows that these children are are three times more likely to develop mental ill health and are at higher risk of engaging in anti-social or offending behaviour than children without an imprisoned parent.

Families Outside Helpline - 0800 254 0088
The Families Outside Helpline, 0800 254 0088, provides impartial
information and support and is often the first port of call for families looking for help.

One of the most comprehensive studies on children of prisoners, undertaken across four European countries, found that regular contact with parents is crucial in maintaining children’s emotional wellbeing and capacity for resilience.

Research also shows that prisoners who maintain contact with their families are up to 6 times less likely to reoffend.

If family members require more in-depth support, our Regional Family
Support Coordinators are on hand throughout Scotland and offer direct,
face to face support until a positive outcome is reached.

Our service is crucial in mitigating the long term negative effects that imprisonment can have on families – by providing support earlier we know that we can provide tangible, positive impacts to the families we support and society as a whole.

Families Outside provides a range of Training and Development opportunities to individuals and groups who come into contact with families affected by imprisonment.

By supporting Families Outside, you not only support innocent families who face stigma, rejection, ostracism, and victimisation, you are also supporting society and helping to create a fairer, safer Scotland.

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