In Tune 2014 …

In Tune brought families affected by imprisonment together through interactive music workshops, run by professional musicians and supported by Vox Liminis and Families Outside staff. In 2014, we ran three In Tune workshops, each comprising eight sessions and supporting 12 fathers in prison, 14 carers (predominantly mothers), and 17 children.

  • 58% of fathers showed improved communication skills;
  • 71% of children demonstrated evidence that their family relationships had improved;
  • 93% of carers showed an increased ability to work together towards a common goal; and
  • 61% of all participants showed an increase in confidence.

“The wee one loves it…. another 2 or 3 weeks from now you’d see a big difference in her. Her mum says when she’s at home she’s singing the songs. They obviously enjoyed it. I enjoyed it….it definitely makes a difference for the kids. (Dad)

When asked if they would recommend In Tune to others, every participant said a unanimous “definitely!” In addition, most participants indicated if the opportunity arose to be part of In Tune again they would take it without question.


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