Year of the Dad Events

We are delighted to see so many Year of The Dad events going ahead at prisons across Scotland. These events highlight the positive impact fathers can have in their children’s lives, showing that being in prison does not have to stop you from being a good dad.

Families Outside participated in events at HMP Addiewell alongside Circle and Dads Rock, and HMP Greenock has also taken up the challenge, holding an events week in July. Working in partnership with parents in prison, prison education designed a poster for parents and their children with the theme:

‘I love my Mum/Dad because…’ and ‘I love being a mum/dad because…’

This allowed parents and their children to work together during visits during the week.

The prison also held a Children’s Sports Day, including games, races and challenges, and a BBQ after the event for children and their families.

As well as this, HMYOI Polmont, along with Barnardo’s Parenting Matters service, have been working with some of the young dads to produce a DVD about their experiences including a unique performance of Julia Donaldson’s The Gruffalo.


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