Year of the Dad

In 2016, take part in a year of celebration, insight and collaboration to promote the importance of fathers in child development, supporting men to be the dads they want to be.

How will this be achieved? Foster understanding of the key contribution fathers make to child development, family and community life. Increase awareness of the organisational benefits in acknowledging men’s family roles. Advance father friendly practice within organisations and their services.

Why is it important? Research shows that children, women and families benefit from the positive involvement of fathers. Valuing and supporting dads brings business benefits of increased engagement and a healthier work-life balance, which means more motivated and efficient workers. Recent legislation means that forward-thinking organisations are embracing new working patterns for men. Promoting equality for fathers as parents at work and at home simultaneously helps to advance equality for women by decreasing the pay gap and creating more options for women to work and care.

Join this new wave of mums, dads, practitioners and employers in driving a shift in 21st century parenting and work culture that will benefit business, families and communities alike. For more information on giving your support, visit

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