Fireside Chat – Inspectors On Families (Video)

[fo_video title=”Watch the Families Outside Fireside Chat Video” text=”Families Outside Fireside Chat” file=”/large/families_outside_fireside.mp4″ width=”512″ height=”288″ download=”true”]

Families Outside is happy to report on the success of the recent Fireside Chat event to celebrate our 21st Birthday ‘coming of age’.  All four past and present HM Inspectors of Prisons for Scotland were in attendance to discuss the change in the focus on support for families affected by imprisonment over the last three decades.

With the event fully booked, a wide variety of issues were discussed including the founding of the Scottish Forum on Prisons and Families (the precursor to Families Outside), the development of Standards for Inspections (including measures in relation to families), prison visitors’ centres, and the rise in numbers of women offenders.  The evening ended with a Q&A session and recommendation for further progress and developments that would like to be seen.


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